What Really Is A Virus?

Viruses do not exist the way most have been taught to believe.

What the medical profession claims to be viruses, are actually creations of our own bodies that happen when there’s injury. They are a defense mechanism, a reaction to toxins in the body. They are not the cause of illness but the solution, created inside and by the body to solve a specific problem and they’re NOT transmissible. They state that disease exists in two forms; either infectious or non-infectious. The idea that certain diseases are infectious is based on the theory that pathogenic microorganisms invade and infect the body thereby causing disease; this theory also claims that ‘germs’ are transmissible between people.

The simple way that we know that they are not transmissible is because scientists tried to infect healthy people with the Spanish flu using fluids from the sick. They squirted the fluids in the nose, throat and even injected it into healthy people, and guess what, they did NOT get sick.

The idea that a virus is an infectious particle floating in the air or in fluids that causes infection and illness is FALSE. A virus has never been isolated, proven, pictured, measured. A virus is simple a broken down partial fragments of cellular genetic material. Virus= dead cell debris.

The word 'VIRUS' originates from Latin. It means "POISON". Diseases are caused by POISONS.

Causes for "viruses" in the body can be:

Environmental toxicity



Stored and suppressed emotions and trauma


Toxic household & skincare products

Heavy metals

Poor air quality

Poor water quality

Electrical and microwave radiation

Poor food quality

Nutritional deficiencies

Medical treatment, such as antibiotics, vaccinations, dental work and medications

When the body is overrun with toxicity, the body will call upon the help of viruses to help cleanse itself. Viruses help consume and eliminate substances into small particles that can then be expelled via mucous membranes, out through the skin, or through the intestinal tract.

On another note, we can see a direct link between "virus outbreaks" and the development of new technologies.

In 1918 telecommunications radio waves were deployed. (Spanish flu.)

1940s radar technology was deployed.( Influenza epidemic.)

2003 3G was deployed. (SARS epidemic.)

2009 4G was deployed. ( H1N1 epidemic.)

2019/2020 5G being deployed. ( COVID 19 epidemic.)

Diseases occur from a reaction WITHIN THE BODY. It does not happen when a 'virus' ENTERS the body from the OUTSIDE.

Contagion os NOT true.

The immune system of each person is individual to them, it is like your fingerprint. The lie of microbiomes entering from outside into the body to cause diseases, works conveniently for the medical establishment, to make millions & billions from the toxic vaccines and "medicines" they produce.

​Why would somebody want you to believe this?

Well, if you are afraid that organisms will invade your body, it is an easy way to sell drugs and vaccines to the masses. Viruses also provide a cover up explanation for when people get sick from environmental toxicity or better yet, to have people afraid and doing whatever you tell them to do!

This is why terrain theory is so important as opposed to the germ theory that has run our medical world for centuries.

For more information watch the below interview between Amandha Vollmer & the Authors of What Really Makes You Ill- Dawn Lester and David Parker