Blue Smoke


Let me introduce myself.

I'm Stefani. (Pronounced- Stephanie)

Holistic health practitioner. 

I am a big believer that we have all of the answers that we need, sometimes we just get in our own way. You may have heard the saying "our bodies are built to heal" and I believe that for every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, we are so over consumed by stress, what we "should do" and information that it all gets lost in translation along the way and we become "stuck".

My healing journey has not been short, simple nor is it finished. But it has opened my eyes to the universe, the truth, and how I can help others.

Through this journey is has led me to multiple beautiful modalities and practitioners who have inspired me to learn more to help others. I have over 10 years experience, training and knowledge in the areas of traditional eastern medicine, energy medicine, full spectrum doula support, naturopathy, herbal medicine, crystal healing, reiki, nervous system regulation, aromatherapy, emotional intelligence & clearing, chakras, the spiral, nlp, kinesiology, as well as training with The Wildgrace Movement in embodied leadership & their 7 day initiation.

Knowing these multiple modalities has enabled me to tailor my session specifically for the individual that I am working with. I blend these multiple therapies and techniques to create transformational shifts and profound and lasting healing at the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level. Together, we transform where you are stagnant or staying small...whether that be, long-held limiting life patterns, negative belief systems and emotional wounding. 

I am a big believer that just like we can create the life that we want, we can also create the life we don't want. And I am here to show you how to stop creating the life you DON'T want and how to START creating the life that you DO WANT. 

Together we go to the source of it all to bring all aspects of life into divine balance, enabling you to achieve a sense of inner balance, clarity, nourishment, harmony and to begin to flourish in all aspects of your life.

I am here to help guide you, so you can find your truth.

How to stop creating your own chaos.

How to live an abundant, healthy, happy, free life. 

How to create a cycle of wellness for yourself, and generations to come. 

How to heal and move through any trauma, situations, decisions and more.



p.s. If I could give you two pieces of advice it's this...

Questions everything.

And you have the answers you are looking for.