Tremella: The Fountain Of Youth

Tremella mushroom is one of the earliest types of mushrooms to be certified for medicinal purposes and dates as far back as 200 A.D. Tremella is used for boosting up your immune system, preventing cancer enhancing complexion. They are also used for treating chronic coughs, asthma, lowering blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, protecting the liver, and boosting up antioxidants.

Key components:

18 amino acids

70% dietary fibre


Vitamin D

Vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, B9

Minerals: potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper manganese


Beta Glucans

Benefits include:

  • Restores and promotes a radiant and youthful complexion

  • Powerful antioxidant

  • Supports cardiovascular health

  • Improves cholesterol levels

  • Supports lung health & function

  • Improves dry coughs, tracheitis, asthma & bronchitis

  • Neuro-protective

  • Improves and prevents Alzheimer's disease

  • Boosts skin hydration

  • Fights inflammation

  • High source of vitamin D

  • Promotes strong bones & teeth

  • Boost the immune system

  • Regulates health cell growth

  • Fights free radicals

  • Boosts cognitive function

  • Prevents cancer & tumours

  • Alleviates oxidative stress

  • Protects against radiation damage

  • Improves memory and learning

  • Increases repair of nerve and brain tissue

  • Lowers blood sugar

  • Protects the liver

  • Promotes heart health

  • Prevents osteoporosis

  • Supports digestive & intestinal health

  • Assists in maintenance of weight & weight loss

  • Protects the circulatory system

  • Nourishes connective tissues

  • Assists in detoxification of toxins

  • Supports mental health: anxiety & depression

  • Reduces fatigue and lethargy

  • Improves skin elasticity & complexion

  • Protects the nervous system

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Whenever possible, purchase organic, non irradiated, wildcrafted herbs.

Always consult your health care provider before starting any new supplements or herbs