The Human Design Types

There are 5 different Human Design Types in the Human Design system, Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector and Reflector.

To find out what human design type you are get your free human design chart HERE

Below you will find characteristics when you are living in and out of alignment with your human design type. This awareness enables you to live your day to day life with more insight into how you function best in this world, plus what you can help others with and what you might need help from others with.


8% of the population

They have an open sacral centre and have at least one activated channel between a motor centre and throat centre. Manifestors are pure doers, and you have access to the consistent energy inside to just start things: projects, conversations, businesses, movements, etc.

Manifestors have three important gifts:

  1. They can act independently and quickly

  2. They can initiate, and catalyse action in others

  3. They can impact others through not only your energy but also your manifestations

Alignment: Energetic, driven, powerful, influential, successful, impulsive & mysterious.

Out Of Alignment: Angry, irritable, self-absorbed, not a team player, impatient & secretive.


35% of the population

They have a defined sacral centre, and have sacral authority in their charts, which means the messages we receive from our sacral centre ideally should guide our decision-making process. However, they often really struggle in using their mind centre instead of listening to their sacral when it comes to decision making.

As Generators, the key to success is a three-step process:

  1. wait

  2. react

  3. respond

Alignment: Energetic, masters of their work, sustainable energy & self-aware.

Out Of Alignment: Often frustrated, quits too soon, can't just "make it happen" & can feel stuck.

Manifesting Generator:

35% of the population

Manifesting Generators are exactly whom they sound like, exhibiting qualities of both a Manifestor and a Generator, thus making them a very complicated and unique type. They have a defined sacral centre like a pure Generator but also have a direct connection between one of their four motor centres and their throat centre like a pure Manifestor. When presented with an opportunity a Manifesting Generator will experience an initial gut (sacral) response, if they feel in favour of the opportunity that will spark the next phase for them, which is to respond and begin working. As a Manifesting Generator it is imperative that you be patient and wait to find the work that is truly right for you. This will allow you to tap into that inexhaustible energy and achieve at your full potential.

Manifesting generators process:

  1. wait

  2. feel that sacral reaction

  3. try it on/test it out/visualise/dip your toe in (hold space for inner clarity)

  4. respond

Alignment: Energetic, can do many things at once, good at finding shortcuts, self-aware & sustainable energy.

Out Of Alignment: Anger & frustration, skips important steps, tried to "make things happen", hates waiting & don't always finish what they start.


20% of the population

Projectors do not have a defined sacral centre and there's no motor connection with the throat centre, which means you have no built-on potential for generating, manifesting or initiating action. That doesn't mean you can't make things happen: it just means you need to leverage your strategy and your authority and work really well to leverage the energy of those around you. They in turn, take the energy of others around them and mould it into something usable. Projectors are the leaders and the mentors of the world. Once someone recognises them for their knowledge and value a Projector can help guide that person in the right direction. It is very important for the Projector to be patient and wait for others to seek them out for advice. Searching for others to share their seemingly bottomless well of knowledge with can leave a Projector feeling exhausted and frustrated. Because of this, the strategy for the Projector is to wait to be invited.

Alignment: Managing & directing others, insightful, intuitive, magnetic & attractive & helps focus energy to accomplish great things.

Out Of Alignment: Perceived by others as lazy, can burn out, highly sensitive, lacks self-awareness & can be bitter.


1% of the population

Just looking at the chart of a Reflector can show you why they are so unique. They possess no defined centres and have a very white and open chart. Reflectors are mirrors that give us a clear picture of the environment around of us. If the Reflectors in our lives are happy and healthy, that is usually a sign that our environment is happy and healthy and that all others are correctly working their own types to their proper potential. Since Reflectors are Lunar beings, their strategy is to wait at least 28 days before making a concrete decision. This way they can properly identify whether or not the decision is truly right for them. The applies for big life decisions such as love, business partnership, career, life changes, moving, having children, etc. The smaller decisions can bemade by following what feels good in the moment, which is why it's so important to curate the people you have around you! A great guiding question for Reflectors is "Who am I today?" or "What new/fresh experience will I have today?" You are all about doing what feels good!

Alignment: Talkative, passionate, unique, proponents for peace & prosperity & reflect the health of their community.

Out Of Alignment: Highly sensitive, disappointment, Need consistency, struggle to stay grounded & clingy.


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