Everyday Kitchen Herb Benefits

  • Cinnamon- high antioxidant, inflammation fighter, lowers blood sugar & cholesterol, alleviates nausea, aids in fat burning, brain & heart health, fights infections, prevents cancer, protects dental health, anti fungal, benefits skin health & helps fight allergies.

  • Sage- improves brain function and memory, reduces cholesterol, lowers blood sugar, treats menopause symptoms, anti diarrheal, helps reduces fat absorption in the pancreas thus keeping weight off.

  • Peppermint- relieves digestive issues, reduces nausea, freshens breath, relieves headaches, antimicrobial, improved mental focus, reduces hayfever, prevents cancer, protects against radiation damage to the DNA, assists with respiratory health, reduces asthma & muscles pain.

  • Turmeric- powerful antioxidant, strong inflammation fighter, aids with arthritis & reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's, helps to reduces the occurrence of blood clots, reduces depression symptoms, assists with skin health, helps manage diabetes, helps with inflammation in the bowels, regulates cholesterol, aids in detoxification & is a natural pain killer.

  • Cayenne- reduces appetite, increases fat burning, prevents cancer, helps digestion, relieves migraines, prevents blood clots, relieves joint and nerve pain.

  • Ginger- treats nausea, strong anti inflammatory, helps with pain management, anti cancer, eases menstrual pain, regulates blood sugar, promotes digestion, improves brain function, lowers cholesterol, relieves joint and muscle pain.

  • Rosemary- prevents allergies, assist with nasal congestion, improves memory & brain function, assists with liver detoxification, balances hormones, reduces stress, reduces cough, inflammation fighter, prevent blot clots.

  • Garlic- combats sickness including the common cold and infections, reduces blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, reduces heart disease, prevents cancer, improved dementia.

  • Oregano- boosts immunity, digestive aid, improves heart health, assists with detoxification & bone health, increases energy, anti inflammatory, anti-fungal, respiratory health, anti cancer.

  • Thyme- Anti fungal, promotes hearth health, boosts mood, soothes cough & sore throats, antioxidant, promotes skin & oral health, improves lung health, fights colds & flus, assists with stomach issues & adrenal fatigue.

Find all of these herbs here (if purchasing dry herbs always opt for organic and non-irradiated if possible)

Always consult your health care provider before starting any new supplements or herbs