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transform YOUR physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self


I received a session from Stefani last week and it was MORE than I could have asked for, and at exactly the time that I needed it. I would never have thought that just through 1 x 1:1 session with somebody who a) I didn’t know; and who b) I thought wouldn’t “know me”, would I have reconnected to my truth and feel more empowered than ever before in a session with somebody (and I’ve received several sessions in my life so far).

This woman channeled the messages that I needed to reconnect me with my intuition, that I had been blocking; everything she said resonated deep to my core. She was more than just a “reflection” she was a divine transmission that awakened parts of me that I had been scared of facing. I left our session feeling inspired, activated and empowered to take actionable steps towards my truth +desires, rather than slowly receding from them, scared. She gave me clear actionable goals and steps I could work with, and helped bring me out of my negative space I had fallen into recently. I would 10/10 highly recommend this human if you’re looking to connect with your essence, and start lighting fires in your life; Stefani as the cheerleader that’s got you.

Thank you so much Stefani, I’m so grateful for your work.


My session gave me the stellar, reassuring boost I needed in order to confidently, trustingly step beyond the firey-barriers of my own fears, into my calling.  The message you dropped to me about DOING THE THING and believing in myself, and just ACTING. Magic is unfolding!! And you played a vital role in reminding me of my own magic by mirroring my power, my authority, my ability, etc. straight back to me.. that is an extraordinary gift!


Thank you so much my love,

I wanted to express my gratitude and share my experience. It was amazing. A deep remembering to trust myself with everything Stefani was sharing was really accurate. Right now, it was exactly what my soul was needing the confirmation was perfect.

Now is the time to be listening to myself

and trusting myself with everything and since then if i feel myself waver I remember trust myself. And it was a really powerful session of remembering, perfect timing for me,

Stefani kept coming back to trust yourself, trust yourself, trust yourself.

Thank you my love you truly are a beautiful soul with gorgeous energy, passion and divine connection.