Homeoprophylaxis - The Natural Vaccine Alternative

Homeoprophylaxis and Homeopathy have been used for preventing and treating disease safely and effectively for over 200 years. They strengthen the body's innate healing system so that you are able to regain health, strengthen resistance toward infectious disease and avoid chronic conditions.

What Is It ?

Homeoprophylaxis (a homeopathic remedy), is the use of highly diluted substances for the purpose of educating the immune system in a gentle, non-toxic way. These are completely natural; contain no foreign cells, no antibiotics, no preservatives, no adjuvants, and no chemicals of any kind. It is not only safe, but has an average of 90% effective (in many instances even higher)!

Homeopathic remedies can also be used to help minimise any potential damage from vaccinations and their bi-products that may have already been taken.

Homeoprophylaxis uses the same principle as vaccination, using the originating product, being the disease being vaccinated against. However, unlike traditional vaccinations, homeoprophylaxis uses homeopathy remedies which are so highly diluted and contain no original substance plus are completely non-toxic. These remedies are then dropped onto tiny sugar pillules and are safe for babies, children and adults with no side effects.

Where It All Began

The use of homeoprophylaxis was first described by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy, in 1801. He used the remedy Belladonna 30 to successfully treat patients with the disease Scarlet Fever and also found that it helped to prevent the disease also. He then used homeoprophylaxis to prevent such diseases as Cholera and Typhoid.

The largest trial of the short-term use of homeoprophylaxis was against an outbreak of Meningococcal disease in Brazil. The researchers gave 65,826 children the homoeopathic remedy Meningococcinum. Another 23,539 were not protected. The effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis after 6 months was 95%, and after a 12 months follow-up was 91%.

Dr. Isaac Golden followed over 3000 children in a long term study since 1985. He found that the children undergoing homeoprophylaxis were healthier than vaccinated children and even unvaccinated children. He noticed that homeoprophylaxis children had much less incidence of the diseases in the homeoprophylaxis program but were also healthier in regards to coughs, colds, sore throats and ear infections, asthma, eczema, allergies, and behavioural issues.

What Are The Benefits?

Unlike traditional vaccinations, homeoprophylaxis enters the body the same way most diseases enter the body, through the mucous membranes in the mouth. This alerts the immune system’s first responders, the innate immune system, to begin their work and creates a natural immune response. Only one dose is given at a time, to allow for assimilation and immune building, which means that the immune system can focus completely on learning about one illness at a time with out any distraction from other diseases or toxic ingredients like aluminium, mercury, human fetal cells, animal DNA, anti-biotics, bovine casein (cow’s milk protein) or preservatives, formaldehyde, polysorbate-80 etc (which are in most if not all traditional vaccines today).


It's important to note, that I am a strong believer that you cannot catch bacteria and viruses and that they are not inherently "bad". I will be writing more on this, and I do believe that the reason why homeoprophylaxis works as it strengthens the "terrain" (your body) and you are no longer susceptible to the external toxins that are polluting your body. However, the reason I have written this post is if you do believe that you may get sick from a bacteria or virus it is, the only "immunisation" option in my opinion is homeoprophylaxis as is it the safest and non toxic version.