The Spiral


What is The Spiral?

The spiral is an 8 week journey where we deep dive into your relationship with yourself, your life and your patterns around 22 of the most common emotions that humans experience. A mixture of kinesiology, neuro-linguistic programming, spiral dynamics, the scale of consciousness, the chakra system, traditional Chinese medicine with a little bit of magic!

We work to identify and clear your unconscious relationship and conditioning around each of these emotions so you can come to a place of neutral, allowing you to choose your reactions to your emotions and life circumstances, rather than being controlled by them. You then become more of who we are without your old, unconscious conditioning. Without that holding you back, we unlock your potential. You can live from a place of power, choice and agency.

The Spiral enables us to rewrite our stories by clearing the emotions that pin them in place. The beliefs, patterns and behaviours that we are aware of are easy to change. It's the ones that are sitting in our shadow that we must look at. That is the real work; being willing to look in the dark places. When we bring those things into the light, we can truly transform ourselves and our lives.

Level 1 – DESERVING – shame, guilt & dogma.

Level 2 – CREATIVITY – fear, grief and paralysed will.

Level 3 – POWER – anger, pride and desire

Level 4 – OPENNESS – reason, acceptance, love.

Level 5 – EXPRESSION – low self esteem, anxiety, confidence.

Level 6 – VISION – truth, trust and receptivity.

Level 7 – PURPOSE – peace, joy, enlightenment and purpose.

Plus one final integration session.


  • Shift ANY negative emotional block in SECONDS.

  • Clear what is blocking you in any area of life.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how beliefs and mental frameworks shape your reality.

  • Step into your creativity,  power, purpose & pleasure.

  • Unlock your intuition & inner knowing.

  • Gain crystal clear clarity.

  • Become a more present, more loving and more powerful human being.

  • Raise your consciousness and vibration.

  • Clear the blocks that impact your relationships with other people.

  • Live a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

  • Shed blocks around wealth & worth and step into true abundance.

  • Gain a new level of self love & gratitude.

  • Shed any trauma or conditioning you're carrying & step into your full authenticity.

  • No longer get easily triggered by your relationships, friendships & interactions & yours or others wealth, self worth, expression, sexuality and visibility.


The end result is that people are more freely able to move through the world.

So… Are you ready?

8x 1:1 sessions (approx 60 mins) over 8 weeks


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