Why You Need To Cleanse Your Gut

A healthy digestive tract is an important key for overall health and wellbeing. Ensuring that your gut is functioning properly is essential to regular detoxification of day to day toxins, heavy metal, chemicals, excess hormones and parasites.

If your digestive system is not functioning properly you can find that you are feeling symptoms from recurring colds and flus, headaches, bloating, food allergies, rashes, brain fog, fatigue, skin issues such as eczema, hormonal imbalance, acne & rashes, anxiety & depression, sleep issues and more!

Unfortunately with the western diet which is low in fibre and whole foods and packed full of processed, gmo and non organic foods, we are seeing an epidemic of unhealthy bowels.

The body is incredible, it is built to keep you healthy, it is built to detox harmful substances, toxins and chemicals. Unfortunately though, due to the bombardment through our air, water and food your digestive tract can become overwhelmed, ensuring proper digestive health is the key to ensuring that these toxins are not absorbed back into your blood stream & body.

The number one product that I recommend for gut cleansing is Qenda Ultimate Fibre it is a powerful mix of clean and toxin free herbs and fibre to assist with detoxification of plaque buildup, biofilm, toxins, parasites and more!


• Eat seasonally, whole foods, as close to nature as possible

• Eat foods that make you feel good

• Drink pure, clean & toxin free water

• Avoid excess blue light after sunset

• Eat organic whenever possible

• Get out in the sunshine, at least 15 minutes a day directly on your skin

• Avoid excessive amounts of processed, sugary, fatty, fried foods

• Rest as much as possible

• Detoxify your personal and home products


Always consult your health care provider before starting any new supplements or herbs