Manifestation Unlocking Session

The possibilities are endless...

You can have whatever you want, and to realise that and to live in a place of true abundance energetically you will find you are actually are LESS greedy and wasteful! Because you understand that you can have WHATEVER you desire, there is no need for scarcity, lack or sabotage.

In this session we remove all conscious and subconscious emotional blockages that stand in the way of your manifestation dream becoming a reality. Anything you want to manifest can be yours, we just need to find the limiting beliefs you have blocking the abundance that is there for us at all times.

Using Emotional Clearing techniques, this is a specific protocol to clear your way to creating what you would like to have.

By working through the chakras following the flow of the manifesting current (crown to root); a Manifestation Clearing session identifies and clears all the emotional resistances, beliefs and behavioural patterns you have in relationship to a specific, well defined goal, outcome or concept.

You are then able to create in a way that is authentic to YOU without sabbitaging yourself or holding back!


  • One-on-one session for 45min - 1hr

  • Online via Zoom

  • Investment: $255