Intuitive Readings & Guidance

These readings are an insight into your now, they help to shine a light on what you need to bring more attention to or what needs to be brought into your life. 

They are a mirror helping us to see what is underneath the surface; which often we already know, however, sometimes it can be difficult to see, hear & feel clearly.

Using a combination of oracle cards & intuitive messages I will help you gain clarity and information about your life. We can either begin the session with a questions/ conversation or we can see what comes up first and then go from there. Session are led by you and what you feel you need at the time.  (For PDF readings- You can either ask to have the reading for specific areas of your life or it can be a general reading.)


Please note that I do not provide predictions as I believe that we create our own lives and that there is no future set in stone. The universe is full of opportunities and what we get out of life depends on the choices that we make. I do believe there are lessons we come here to learn, but how & when we learn them are entirely up to us. 

1x PDF Reading- Photo and voice recoding of permission needed

1-2 week arrival

Investment: $55 AUD

1x1 online via zoom

Approx. 45-60 mins

Investment: $88 AUD