Intuitive Healings

Using different healing modalities such as reiki, crystals, The Spiral, aromatherapy and other methods, this intuitive healing session will work on an energetic level to clear your energetic body.

Energy healing allows the resolution of issues at a deeper unconscious level.

For example, we can be impacted by an event and once it has passed, believe that it is resolved but in actual fact that energy can stay trapped in the body. Unfortunately, in todays society we aren't taught how to move energy through our body. In fact we are taught the opposite, we hold onto energy (and emotions- which are energy in motion) and they then sometimes become stuck in a loop in our body. Energy healing enables those trapped emotions or energies to be healed and released.


All matter has an energy field (or electromagnetic field), including the human body. This field has been verified by scientific instruments and specialised photography. Even when we live a relatively healthy life, our energy fields can develop blockages on many levels which are then reflected in our current state of being.


The state of our field directly determines our physical, mental and emotional health. It also influences the quality of our relationships, our ability to affect necessary change in our lives, our abundance, our degree of inner peace … literally every aspect of our lives.


When we are angry, withdrawn or relaxed, we radiate that particular vibrational signature. This not only impacts people around us, eliciting a particular response from them, but, as importantly, we ourselves are bathed in that vibrational field. 

Possible Outcomes:

  • Feel more relaxed and peaceful

  • Reduced pain or physical tension

  • Full of energy

  • Needing rest to allow the body to integrate changes

  • Feel able to consciously make different choices

  • More detachment towards formerly irritating experiences

  • More aware of your own thoughts and feelings

  • More able to make heart-centred decisions

  • Seeing relationships more clearly and finding peace within them

  • Taking responsibility for creating the life you want

  • Increased sense of confidence and self-worth

  • Emotional release – you may briefly feel unsettled, tearful, irritable

  • Aware of increased synchronicity in your life​

1x1 online via zoom

Approx 60 mins

Investment: $188 AUD

1x In person healing (Parkdale, Vic) - CURRENTLY BOOKED OUT

Approx 60 mins

Investment $222 AUD