Holistic Coaching

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Lack self confidence?

Feeling stuck in your life and health?

Do you have an innate knowing that you are here for a bigger purpose, but not quite sure what it is or are struggling to realise it?

Are you desiring change, personal evolvement and wanting deeper meaning in your life, but unsure of the next steps to take?

My goal is to help you:

- rediscover and strengthen your self love;

- to trust yourself and your innate wisdom;

- create powerful shifts and changes so that you are living the life that you truly want.

I will help you to connect into your inner wisdom, divine guidance and the true essence of who you really are and the bigger reason for why you are here.

This coaching can cover many different areas of life..whether you are needing clarity, information, ideas, guidance or healing. These coaching sessions will be specifically tailors just for you and your needs! My goal is to provide you with a clear picture of your situation and then to help guide you to find the answers and solutions that work for you.


These sessions are one off, but can also be purchased in packages. If you are wanting longer coaching I would suggest you visit Alchemy of Self for my 12 week journey.

(Calls can include a mix of -  intuitive development & guidance, emotional empowerment & intelligence, nervous system regulation techniques, energy medicine & management, holistic health recommendations, gene keys, human design & more.)

1x1 online via zoom

Approx 60 mins

Investment: $144 AUD