Blue Smoke

Chakra Clearing Session

Chakras are seven energy centers, or wheels, located throughout the body. Each of the seven chakras represent different elements of the human journey. To clear these chakras, regularly, of the emotional conditioning, the traumas, abuses, and malfunctions, makes way for a healthy expression of one’s energy and life force.

There are 2 options when it comes to chakra clearing sessions.

We can clear all 7 chakras plus the 2 currents for yourself ensuring that you are completely clear and flowing. Clearing the chakras allows for optimal performance and just, plain, feeling amazing.




We can clear the chakra line, which is the energetic field for both giving and receiving energy to a person, animal, situation or object. This can be anyone, any situation or any thing from your past, present or future. Including yourself.

  • One-on-one session for 45min - 1hr

  • Online via Zoom

  • Investment:  $255

(Can be held distance without the one on one session if preferred)