Alchemy Of Self

Alchemy of Self is for those who are wanting to completely transform their life.

For those who are ready to step into their power!


In this journey you will break through the conscious, subconscious and unconscious limitations you don't even know are holding you back from your true self! This is your essence medicine. The medicine of you!

Your health. Your abundance. Your creativity. Your pleasure. Your magic. YOU!

This is a reclamation and recalibration of your mind body & soul.

This is true HOLISTIC medicine.... MAGIC!

You are treated as a whole. (because that's exactly what you are)

Not as parts of a person, but the whole physical, mental, emotional, spiritual being that you are!

This is not for the faint hearted, this is for those who are committed and ready for intense transformation!

You are the magic you have been waiting for, it's time to unlock it!

It's time to be the boss of your own life!

There is no one size fits all.

It's about what fits YOU!  

A mixture of sugar & spice. This journey aims to hold space for you & brings light to what you are hiding, what you are not showing up to. 


Design your life with clarity, intention & a knowing of your worthiness.

The Mind.

The Body.

The Spirit.

We will tap into all areas of self to rediscover your natural balance. Together, we transform where you are stagnant or staying small. 

This is about transforming your life and in turn the life of those around you, this is about creating a cycle of wellness for generations to come. 

Are you to see your own brilliance? 

Are you ready to reignite your fire?

Are you ready to show up authentically as YOU?

This is for your if:

You are ready to dive deep into your beliefs, conditioning, emotions and subconscious & clear anything that is limiting you

You want to connect in more with your intuition and your true energetic blueprint

You are ready to own and make your decisions

You are ready to break down and clear all that has been stopping you

You are ready to stop compromising, comparing, doing- and are ready to star BEING

You are ready to have more aligned relationships & friendships

You are ready to ditch the chaos and self- sabotage

You are ready to fully embody health and wellness in your true way!

You are ready to step into your true zone of genius- for your business, work, creativity and so much more

You are ready to embrace abundance, health, wealth, creativity, joy & pleasure.

You are ready to be and feel true FREEDOM.


Your journey includes:

~6x fortnightly 1:1 calls (60 mins) - including intuitive development & guidance, emotional empowerment & intelligence, emotional clearing, nervous system regulation techniques, energy medicine & management, holistic health recommendations, gene keys, human design & more.

~8 Week Spiral Emotional Clearing Journey

~Tailored information specific to you and your needs/desires

~Direct communication support outside of calls

Investment $2,200 AUD

**Payment plans available